Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Environmental & Sustainability PolicyProperty Partners Management Limited

Property Partners Management Ltd recognises the requirement for, and actively encourages, sustainable working practices to minimise environmental impacts both in respect of our own business activities and when managing clients’ properties.

As property managers, a key part of our role is to ensure that all instructions, both property management and building consultancy, have due regard to environmental best practice, current legislative requirements and our clients’ own environmental management systems and procedures.

Wherever we undertake development activities, including refurbishment and new construction, we will endeavour to; 

  • Ensure that we comply fully with all applicable environmental legislation.
  • Undertake surveys of sites and buildings under our management to identify potential sources of contamination or hazardous substances and waste.
  • Reduce the use of energy, water and other natural resources.
  • Undertake regular maintenance and improvement programmes to ensure properties operate at their highest environmental efficiency.
  • Ensure that buildings are operated to prevent or minimise adverse impacts on human health or the environment, and minimise any hazardous effects from emissions or materials.
  • Reduce the production of waste, recycle waste wherever possible, and dispose of the rest according to the best practicable environmental option. 
  • Engage with our tenants on environmental issues by providing them with details of our environmental policy and encouraging them to achieve similar environmental standards in their own operations.
  • Ensure our contractors and suppliers manage their processes so as to minimise energy use, water use, pollution and the production of waste. 
  • Communicate our environmental policy to our consultants, contractors, and suppliers, and give consideration only to those who can demonstrate that they share and will implement environmental standards consistent with our own.